Fern + Mitch Handmade – Marble Earrings

Janani of Fern + Mitch Handmade shows how to make marble polymer clay earrings. You will need polymer clay, pigment/eyeshadow, liquid clay, a roller, a blade, pasta machine, cookie cutters, a sander, jump rings, sculpey gloss glaze, earring posts, and super glue. Some of these steps and tools can be omitted, like a sander and glaze, but the final product will look less finished.

Kendle Meacham – Knitted Socks

Kendle shows you how to use a knitting machine to make knitted socks. You’ll need the cast on comb, purple and red yarn, waste yarn, a latch hook tool, scissors, clothespins, a needle pusher, an intarsia carriage, and weights. These socks are super cute and stylish.

Kerry Paige Designs – Clay Daisies

Kerry Paige shows you hot to make her confetti daisy polymer clay design. This design can be used in earrings, bracelets, charms, and more. You’ll need sculpey polymer clay in white, black, yellow, and other colors of your choice, a sharp blade, and a clay roller.