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This whole situation has brought forth a whirlwind of emotions and uncertainty. It has affected our livelihood – but there is hope. As creatives, we are expert problem-solvers and can see possibilities where others may see none. We need to adapt our thinking and strategize. The best part is – we are not left to do it alone. There are a number of organizations that are stepping up to lend a helping hand and to provide creatives with tools and resources to keep their business going.

Arts and Business Council: They created a page on their site to help artists, creative entrepreneurs, and nonprofits navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. You can schedule a call with them to discuss CARES Act relief initiatives, including SBA loans and expanded Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

Working Wardrobes: Working Wardrobes is offering free interactive webinars with seasoned professionals to help you hone your skills and get you ready to rebuild your career – entering the workforce headstrong.

Mailchimp Financial Planning: Mailchimp is offering free 45-minute virtual counseling sessions on things such as identifying sources of emergency funding, brainstorming ways to cut spending, and many other useful tips.

SBA Paycheck Protection Program: Through On Deck, you’re able to apply for a PPP loan, which provides financial assistance to small businesses affected by COVID-19. 

Covid Relief Coalition: If you’re based in Massachusetts and need legal assistance, this is a great site to visit. A coalition of law firms, nonprofits, and governmental agencies have teamed up to help small businesses in the greater Boston area.

Women Arts: A “fiscal sponsor” is a tax-exempt corporation that agrees to receive and disburse the funds for your project. This page will go more in depth about what exactly a fiscal sponsor is, and how you can go about applying for one. 

CARES Act Hotline: Did you apply or want to apply for the CARES Act (stimulus bill) but are having trouble? Ask any and all questions you may have right here!


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