Cambridge Community Foundation

The Cambridge Community Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity. We are Cambridge’s local giving platform – built, funded, and guided by residents since 1916. We … Read more

California Jazz Foundation

The California Jazz Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to aid and assist California jazz musicians in crisis. We are committed to providing access to … Read more

C4 Atlanta

C4 Atlanta Inc. is a non-profit arts service organization whose mission is to connect arts entrepreneurs to the people, skills and tools they need to … Read more

Bohemian Foundation

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Bohemian Foundation is a private family foundation that supports local, national, and global efforts to build strong communities. Founded in … Read more

Boston Singers Resource

A unique source of information, connections, and community for all in the the New England classical singing community.

Broadcasters Foundation of America

The Broadcasters Foundation of America reaches across the country to provide an anonymous safety net for radio and television broadcasters who find themselves in acute … Read more

Arts Huntsville

Stimulating & supporting community creativity by advancing the arts, entertainment & culture in the greater Huntsville metro region.

Atlanta Artist Relief Fund

Our primary mission is cooking and delivering nutritious meals to artists in need. Most artists in Atlanta live on a paycheck to paycheck, gig to … Read more

Bay Area Safety Net

A non-profit dedicated to helping artists in the Bay Area during the COVID-19 Crisis

Artists Now by Zoo labs

Times are tough. Things are uncertain. One out of every three Americans are just $400 away from falling behind on the basics – rent, food, … Read more