Visual Art

Priss – Watercolor Landscape

Priss shows you how to make a watercolor landscape. You’ll need 2 paint brushes, 5 water based markers, and medium thick paper. Perfect for artists new to watercolors.

Sequoyah – Painting

Sequoyah shows you both how to make this inspirational painting and how to use art to speak on societal issues and work through to find beauty and love. This is a more advanced painting for which you’ll need acrylic paint, brushes, and paper or a canvas.

Idil Hazal – Wood Watercolor

Idil Hazal shows you how to make a beautiful watercolor portrait on wood. This tutorial is a bit more involved and needs a wood panel, colored pencils, hairdryer, watercolor paint, sketchbook, spray matte finish, towel, sandpaper, liquid gold leaf, clear gesso, brushes, and water.

Josiah Allen – Comic Book

Josiah Allen shows you how to make a comic book page using Procreate. Josiah walks you through making a two-panel comic, showing you some easy tricks for beginners.

Sarah B Collection – Resin Art

Sarah shows you how to make a beautiful resin art piece with ferns. You’ll need something to paint on like a record or wood, something to prop up your art, a torch, acrylic paint or pigment, mixing cups and sticks, gloves, a tarp, resin, and a fern or other piece of flora. This is a more complicated tutorial for a really beautiful piece.

Danielle Gross – Digital Illustration

Danielle teaches you how she makes her digital illustrations, showing you how to use different digital tools. You’ll need an iPad and the app Procreate, but other drawing tablets and applications work as well. You can even follow along with a traditional pen and paper.

Rocky Mamotyuk – Jaguar Drawing

Rocky shows you how she draws this beautiful jaguar. You’ll need fine and broad tip markers, a pencil, an eraser, and a bristol sketch pad for ink drawing. This is a more advanced tutorial in terms of skill level, but really clear and easy to follow.

Barbara Sherman – Collage Book

Barbara shows you her process in making an art collage book. A great source of inspiration for playing around in visual art – excellent for beginners with magazines lying around.

Cranberry Ink – Handmade Cards

Emma of Cranberry Ink shows how to do basic hand lettering for handmade cards. You will need small postcards and any pens or markers. These are perfect for showing people some love when you can’t physically see them.