SBA: Paycheck Protection Program

This loan program provides loan forgiveness for retaining employees by temporarily expanding the traditional SBA 7(a) loan program.

SBA: Express Bridge Loans

Enables small businesses who currently have a business relationship with an SBA Express Lender to access up to $25,000 quickly.

SBA: Debit Relief

The SBA is providing a financial reprieve to small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Borrowers do not need to apply for this assistance. Check out the website for more information.

IBMA Trust Fund

The Fund helps eligible bluegrass professionals who are currently or have previously been significantly involved in the industry. This includes, but is not limited to, artists, composers, broadcasters, media representatives, event producers, agents, educators, managers, and employees of record companies. You do not have to be a member of the IBMA to receive aid from the IBMA Trust Fund. Please refer to the application form for more information on eligibility.

Coronavirus Loans

Has your business or income been impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak? Do you have an urgent need? Jewish Free Loan can help with Emergency and Small Business interest-free loans.

Sound Royalties: No-Cost Funding Program (Advance)

Royalty streams are the lifeblood of any artist, songwriter or producer. But sometimes, those checks can be delayed or lack the funds to fuel creativity and drive continued success. The Sound Royalties solution puts cash in your pocket quickly, with funding options that are tailored to your specific needs. Best of all, we never put your copyrights at risk.