Los Angeles

Los Angeles Live Music Community Fund

This fundraiser is for artists, musicians, audio/playback engineers, techs, tour managers, production managers and related staffing only. There are many other funds created for broader groups that we encourage you to check out if this excludes you. Please see electroniccreatives.com/helphub for those resources.

Coronavirus Loans

Has your business or income been impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak? Do you have an urgent need? Jewish Free Loan can help with Emergency and Small Business interest-free loans.

Coronavirus Emergency Relief Fund

The Music Fund of Los Angeles Executive Board has established an Emergency Relief Fund for AFM Local 47 members who have lost revenue due to work stoppages resulting from the coronavirus COVID-19 emergency.

Mission Asset Fund

With a little creativity and a unique approach, we can create a fair marketplace for everyone. Since 2007, we’ve helped thousands of low-income people transform … Read more

Music Fund of Los Angeles

The primary mission of the Music Fund of Los Angeles is to provide financial assistance to musicians who are unable to work due to sudden … Read more

Jewish Free Loans Association

We offer interest-free loan assistance to people in need with the goal of helping them to lead more rewarding and responsible lives.