Quarantine Museum Visits

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Do you miss being able to go to museums just as much as we do? Never fear – because we’ve compiled a list of museums that are (virtually) open for business!

One good thing that has come out of quarantine is that we still have access to museum exhibitions from literally all around the world. Travel with us to France, Britain, Brazil, Korea, The Netherlands, and more to discover the rich cultural and artistic lessons that these museums so beautifully provide for us.

  1. Musée d’Orsay: taking a quick trip to Paris has never been easier. The building (which is home to some of the most famous paintings to date) is thought of as a work of art in and of itself. Explore all that Musée d’Orsay has to offer from the comfort of your home.
  2. The J. Paul Getty Museum: a Los Angeles staple, The Getty Museum features works of art from the eighth through the twenty-first century. There is so much art to virtually explore here, you’ll definitely be entertained throughout the entire day!
  3. The British Museum: Do you hear that? London is calling, and it wants you to take a journey through time via The British Museum – with a collection spanning over two million years of human history and culture.
  4. The Museu de Arte de São Paulo: Brazil’s first modern museum, MASP is a private, nonprofit museum that features incredibly cool exhibitions for you to explore online, such as Art in Fashion and the Histories of Madness.
  5. National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea: boasting a plethora of contemporary and modern works to explore, The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is a perfect spot for those itching to discover contemporary Korean culture through various art forms.
  6. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation: Virtually explore the famous Guggenheim Museum located in New York! The Guggenheim features work that primarily consists of modern and contemporary periods, and is a must-add to your virtual museum itinerary.
  7. MoMA: The Museum of Modern Art located in New York is another must-see on your virtual museum tour. The MoMA features a variety of work ranging from 1880s European painting and sculpture to more contemporary works of today’s performance art, film, and design.
  8. Van Gogh Museum: for all you Vincent Van Gogh fans out there, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam houses the largest collection of artworks by, you guessed it, Van Gogh. Virtually browse the works of one of the most famous artists in history–all from your couch!
  9. Sorolla Museum: Located in the house of the artist Joaquín Sorolla, this museum in Madrid is a beautiful representation of how one particular artist was affected by light and photography directly after the Impressionist movement.
  10. The Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (aka The Met), is one of the most iconic museums in the world. Host to the Met Gala, this fantastic museum also hosts a large quantity of stunning artworks for you to browse – all directly at your fingertips.

Believe it or not, there are many many more museums you are able to visit via Google Arts and Culture. Browse all 2,500 museums they have partnered with here.


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