Skincare to Enhance Self-Love

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Self-love means taking care of needs, practicing self-compassion, and having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. One of the many ways we can enhance our self-love is through a little bit of pampering – and one great way to achieve that is by incorporating a skincare routine in your daily rituals. 

As practicing creatives, we’re often around materials that can make our skin susceptible to harmful chemicals. High stress can also be detrimental to our skin. So, just as you are dealing with clients and their needs all day, we urge you to additionally consider your needs.

Sometimes we get so consumed by our work, we fail to take some “me” time to decompress and relax. Even something as simple as taking a short break from your painting to wash your face can be incredibly beneficial. Take a few minutes to step away, take some deep breaths, lather a great smelling soap, and gently cleanse your face. This will leave you feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to create.

So whether it’s for beauty reasons or health reasons, taking the time to care for your skin can be really beneficial to your mood and self- esteem.

Here are some fantastic skincare products you can add to your kit from our very own RAW artists:

Little Buddha by Daisy: This line of skincare has a large variety of natural body oils, CBD bath bombs, to hand-made soaps all meant to “feed your mind, body and soul.”

TYLSH Body Blends: TYLSH Body Blends’ products are all hand-made, natural, organic and vegan. Body butters and natural oils that will leave your skin feeling “Truly Lavish.”

Olivier Rose Luxury Atelier: A luxury skincare and perfume line, Olivier Rose has all you need to decompress with their Crystal Body soaks to their meditation oils.


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