Sarah Braga – Macrame

Sarah Braga teaches you how to make macrame wall hangings with her unique method. All you’d need is some string, an anchor piece, and scissors. Perfect for an easy craft for beginners and working with whatever you have around.

Happy Child Plants – Terrarium

Sachiko from Happy Child Plants shows you how to make a simple terrarium. You’ll need a glass container, succulents, sand, rocks, charcoal, sphagnum moss, small rocks, and any cute decor you want.

Whoos Art Kirkland – Hand Lettered Sign

Kaysea of Whoos Art Kirkland shows you how to make a hand lettered sign. You’ll need a wood frame, charcoal wood stain, 10 by 10 canvas, a Sharpie Oil Paint Pen, and a Pen Touch Pen. These signs are perfect for your window to say something sweet outside.

SampleHAUS – Ceramic Planter

Diana from SampleHaus shows you how to make a ceramic planter. This is a more advanced tutorial as you’ll need a wheel, lots of tools, and access to a kiln. This is still a great tutorial to watch something beautiful come together and get you inspired!

Joodly Joo – Plastic Embroidery

Jordeen of Joodly Joo shows you how to do plastic embroidery. You’ll need a hoop, embroidery floss, a piece of plastic larger than the hoop, needles, scissors, any extra pieces like beads, fabric, straws, bubble wrap, or a random part from Ikea.

Blair Shields – Satin Stitch Embroidery

Blair Shields walks you through the satin stitch to make a map of Boston neighborhoods. You’ll need fabric, an embroidery hoop, a sewing needle, a pencil, a pair of scissors, and at least 6 different colors of thread. This is a simple repetitive stitch that’s great for starting embroidery.

LuMiVa – Felted Hoop

Brani of LuMiVa shows you how to make a felted hoop of the four seasons. This beautiful craft is easy to follow and adorable. You’ll need a wool mat, felting needles, light blue felt, a wood hoop, and fleece and palette felting wool of various colors.

tutorial thumbnail

Aikrochet – Crochet Bear

Aiko of Aikrochet teaches you how to make an adorable crochet bear stuffed animal. You’ll need different colored yarn, a crochet hook, and safety eyes. A perfect gift for little ones in your life that need a little love.


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