Coronavirus Loans

Has your business or income been impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak? Do you have an urgent need? Jewish Free Loan can help with Emergency and Small Business interest-free loans.

Columbus Artists Relief Fund

This fund is for individual artists only, not organizations or nonprofits. Their goal is to make disbursements once per day depending on funds received. Our goal is to get some funds to most applicants within 2 business days. If you applied and don’t get assistance that day or the day after, please be patient – it just means we’re still working on it.

Chippewa Valley Artist Relief Fund

If you are an artist/creative, living in the Chippewa Valley, in need of support due to event/gig cancellations, the inability to sell your work/book shows, and/or lost revenue from your day job being eliminated from the coronavirus outbreak, please fill out this form.

Charlottesville Emergency Relief Fund for Artists

In the current Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, artists as independent workers and creative people engaged in travel and exchange may be especially affected. This Fund supports Charlottesville-area artists who have lost income due to the cancellation of specific, scheduled gigs or opportunities (commissions, performances, contracts, other jobs/loss of income) due to Coronavirus/COVID-19 precautionary measures.Artists can request up to $300 to compensate for scheduled work that was scheduled and lost. Artists are eligible to apply for loss of income regardless of whether the income was from art or other jobs. Artists must live in the Charlottesville area including the city of Charlottesville or the counties of Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, or Nelson.

Atlanta Artists Lost Gig Fund

The Atlanta Artist Lost Gig Fund is designed to provide financial assistance to Atlanta area artists who have unmet essential needs due to lost revenue from cancelled upcoming events and gigs.

Cambridge Artist Relief Fund

Focused on lost income, the Fund will provide one-time relief to arts organizations and artists who live, work, create, enable, and/or perform in Cambridge. Grant sizes ranging from $200 to $1,000. One grant is allowed per applicant. A limited number of special grants of up to $5,000 will be considered to arts nonprofits.

Atlanta Artist Relief Fund

We can deliver delicious, nutritious meals to your doorstep. We can pick up your pre-paid/pre-ordered medical supplies or medicines and bring them to your home if you are unable to get them yourself. We can connect you with your community for Social Bonding and Mental Wellness. Daily updates in the Facebook Group on Job/Gig opportunities

Arts Huntsville Individual Artist Emergency Relief

With the closure of performing venues, arts galleries and festivals, artists who typically make the majority of their income from their work are facing difficult economic challenges due to the COVID-19 crisis. To help offset some of the economic impact, Arts Huntsville has created an Individual Artist Emergency Relief Grant Fund (ARF) to provide individual artists – musicians, visual artists, writers, dancers, theatre artists, etc. – with grants of $250 to $500 to cover immediate expenses. Arts Huntsville has launched this Individual Artist Emergency Relief Fund with $25,000 and is accepting community contributions to raise additional funds. One hundred percent of community contributions will be disbursed for Relief Fund grants.

Artists Now

Artists Now was created by Zoo Labs to bring financial support to those artists directly affected by the economic challenges caused by COVID-19, specifically POC, Women, and LGBTQIA+ artists, so that they can continue to create the art and love we need. If you’d like to be notified about future funding rounds, please follow us or join our email list.