If you are an artist/creative, living in the Chippewa Valley, in need of support due to event/gig cancellations, the inability to sell your work/book shows, and/or lost revenue from your day job being eliminated from the coronavirus outbreak, please fill out this form.

Amount: $500
Deadline: Not specified.
Status: Open
Funding Types: Grant
Creative Categories: Acting, Beauty, Craft, Dance, Fashion, Film, Music, Painting, Performing Arts, Photography, Tech, Visual Art, Writing
Locations: Chippewa Valley


We are currently distributing funding for people working in performing arts, visual arts, digital arts and other creative fields. If you are unsure if you fall into a creative field category it's ok, we recommend filling out the application to see if you fit into these categories. We are not currently distributing funding for people working in healing arts or cosmetic arts. This may change as more funding becomes available, but this is the lens we are applying for now.

Organization: Ambient Inks