Efficiently Scheduling Your Time During Quarantine

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Working from home? Have a billion projects to stay on top of even in the middle of a pandemic? You are not alone. It’s extremely important to be able to have the option to both take care of business and take care of yourself. Here are a few of our favorite scheduling + planner apps that make it a lot easier for you to hustle smarter, not harder. 

  1. 24me: Have you always wanted to have a personal assistant, but your budget has other plans? 24me Smart Personal Assistant is the perfect app for exactly that. Schedule your day, make your to-do list, and sync your accounts all to one, cohesive app. And then brag to your friends about how you have a personal assistant.
  2. Planner Pro–Daily Calendar: View your week + month ahead, track tasks by project and status, take notes, and more! Planner Pro–Daily Calendar makes it super easy to organize your thoughts and your to-do list. No more squeezing in all your notes into one teeny tiny box on your written planner! Hellooooo thorough note-taking. 
  3. Artful Agenda: Really love the feel of a written planner, but need the flexibility of a digital one? Look no further! Artful Agenda is the perfect app for upholding both your personal aesthetic and your personal goals. 
  4. Timepage: Since this is a digital calendar by Moleskin, you know it’s gotta be sleek. Not only does this app come with all the handy tools of a regular planner app, but it comes locked and loaded with weather forecasts, maps, contacts, and even platforms like Uber to seamlessly plan your days. While we hope that you are opting to stay indoors for the time being, this is definitely an app you want to keep in mind when it’s safer to venture out! 
  5. Week Planner To Do List, Diary: This incredible app comes jam-packed with password protection, customizable planner designs, and the option to write as much as you need. Even better? You can manage all of your repeating events, so you don’t have to keep entering them in manually! We love a good time-saver.


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