Websites for Learning New Skills

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Trying to learn a new skill or gain knowledge in a specific area? Can’t find what you are looking for on YouTube? Try browsing through these incredible resources to give yourself the jump-start you’ve been waiting for! 

  1. CreativeLive: Online Classes: Here you can learn practically everything under the sun in regards to your creative passion. Plus, CreativeLive just launched an exciting new feature called CLTV – a free 24/7 live variety show designed to keep creatives of all disciplines connected and inspired during quarantine times.
  2. Bluprint: Watch + Learn: Visual learners, where you at?! Bluprint is great for watching experts teach classes in a variety of different disciplines and fields. Learn how to quilt, draw, woodwork, decorate cakes, and more! 
  3.–Creative Challenges: Geared primarily towards kids, offers a ton of different DIY projects and fun how-to videos catering to a broad spectrum of skill levels. If you are looking for a way to entertain your kids while also keeping their minds (and hands) active, you may want to take a look at this fabulous resource!  
  4. Artists Network: Here you can browse Artists Network publications, read all the artistic tips + tricks they have to offer, stream workshops, connect with other artists, enter competitions, and more!
  5. Coursera: Learn New Skills: In partnership with over 190+ leading universities and companies, Coursera allows you to do anything from taking a business class to expand your arts business, to browsing all the arts + humanities classes offered to broaden your knowledge and expertise.

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