Building Your Online Community

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Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

Having an online presence for your art and business is now more important than ever. Here are a few websites and apps you should consider taking a look at in order to help broaden your outreach and content – overall expanding your online community and support system!

  1. Patreon: Patreon is a great way to build your own little arts community, as well as an incredible go-to resource to provide yourself with a monthly income straight from your biggest fans and supporters. Set up your perks, membership tiers, and voila! Not only do you now have an exclusive online community that only paying patrons have access to – but you now have a little extra income coming in every month! 
  2. Squareup: Looking for a quick and simple way to transfer your sales exclusively online? Check out all the perks Square has to offer for businesses! 
  3. Later: Been putting off organizing your social media posts and grid? Been. THERE. Later is a great online marketing platform designed to make it easier to plan and schedule your posts for a more visually satisfying page. 
  4. Unfold–Story Templates: If you are looking to up your Instagram + Facebook story game, look no further. Unfold provides you with beautiful templates for all your posting needs!
  5. Universe–Website Builder: Been needing to build a website but feel overwhelmed by the prospect? Try checking out Universe – a simple, easy-to-use website builder that helps you build a page in literally minutes. 
  6. Discord Chats: Been wanting to start a group chat with fellow creatives in your community, but not sure you feel comfortable giving out your phone number? Discord has got you covered! Create a thread in minutes and soon you’ll be inspired by your community like never before. 
  7. Explain Everything Whiteboard: Looking for a good whiteboard tool to help visually explain topics + ideas for your DIY videos? How about giving your online community a glimpse into your brainstorming process? Check out Explain Everything, a whiteboard app designed for exactly that! 
  8. Getty Unshuttered: Providing a new platform for artists to connect, Getty Unshuttered is a perfect new tool to broaden your outreach to fellow artists, create new connections, and find your niche in a supportive, creative, and welcoming environment! 

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