Resources for Well-Being

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To some, quarantine has meant exploring new baking recipes, getting through your reading list, finishing up creative projects you’ve put off for months, or doing some much needed housekeeping. To others, being alone means feeling alone. This whole situation is far from normal – so it makes sense for some of us to be feeling frustrated, afraid, anxious, confused, and/or overwhelmed. We encourage you to allow yourself to feel everything. Let yourself process it, breathe it out, sweat it out, and release.

Here are a few beneficial sites and tools that can help you do just that:

  1. PsychHub: Psych Hub is a platform that provides online education on mental health. You can find a specific tab for COVID-19 on their site where they’ve teamed up with multiple mental health organizations to help you address your personal mental health needs.
  2. Art Therapy – Positive Affirmations: It’s more important than ever to practice self love, and one way we can do that is by speaking positive affirmations. It may seem a little awkward if this is your first time doing it, so The American Art Therapy Association provides a wonderful script for you to read aloud!
  3. Wim Hof Method: Whether you meditate every morning or have never done it at all, The Wim Hof Method has provided a free focused class to guide you through meditation using their methods – where their overall mission is to help you rediscover your inner power. 

And several helpful apps to help you zen out: 

  1. Headspace: If you have trouble clearing your mind to relax and meditate, Headspace provides a free basics pack for guided meditation and mindfulness.
  2. Calm: Calm is an excellent app for soothing music, images, mindful movement, gentle stretching, and more amazing features to help you be calm.  
  3. Tru Luv: Sometimes it’s difficult reaching out for help or admitting you’re lonely. It’s important to ask for help when you need it, but until you’re ready to do so, Tru Luv developed #selfcare – an AI companion for joy and self-connection.

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