New England-based singers whose classical performances were cancelled due to concerns over COVID-19 are eligible to apply for emergency grants of up to $500. Applications will be processed on a rolling basis as long as funds are available; grant amounts, deadlines and eligibility may be altered as circumstances change. Available funds are limited.

Amount: $500
Deadline: Not specified.
Status: Open
Funding Types: Grant
Creative Categories: Music
Locations: New England


To be eligible for BSRF funds, you must be a professional New England singer earning at least 15% of your income through singing. You must be a resident of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts or Rhode Island (although non-resident singers will be considered if they earn a significant amount of their income from organizations within New England.) You do not need to be a member of Boston Singers' Resource to be eligible for BSRF funds. BSRF funds are to be used for basic living expenses and human needs, only; funds are not to be used for headshots, promotional materials, recordings, travel expenses or other costs related to career promotion. Every effort will be made to accommodate your financial situation, but the amount of each allowance is dependent upon available funds and number of applicants per year. Grants currently range between $100-$900 depending on need and availability of funds. We hope to increase these amounts as the BSRF principal amount grows.

Organization: Boston Singers Resource