Keep Your Creative Energy Flowing

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Looking for an exciting new creative project to get started on? Finding it hard to stay inspired during these times? Here are a few unique resources we have compiled to fuel that creative fire burning inside you!

  1. The Sketchbook Project by the Brooklyn Art Library: Have you dreamed of having your work forever archived in a library? You’re in luck! The Brooklyn Art Library has launched something called The Sketchbook Project – which is a cool new way to archive your art in their very own permanent collection of artist sketchbooks. They send you a blank sketchbook, you fill it out to your heart’s content, and then send it back by the deadline to have your work included in the library. This is a fantastic project to keep your creative juices flowing, with the added bonus of sending your work out into the ether for tons of (future) visitors to see!
  2. Brainsparker: Need a little inspiration to tackle that incessant creative block? If you are itching to get out of a rut, Brainsparker is an incredible tool to help you do exactly that. Providing you with random creativity prompts in the form of virtual card decks, this is a fantastic addition to your creative app library.
  3. The Curiously Creative published an extensive list of creative hobbies to try based on your specific medium and areas of interest. Foil art? Check. Paper-making? Check. Bookbinding? Also, check. Get tons of inspiration for new creative projects – all in one place!
  4. Good Housekeeping additionally published some incredible tips and tricks for people experimenting with new mediums for the first time – offering well-thought-out insight for testing the waters before diving headfirst into an overwhelming amount of work. This post also provides interesting, unique suggestions for projects such as macrame plant holders, working with Hama beads, trying your hand at decoupage, and yes, even balloon modeling!
  5. Lake Coloring Books: Looking for something that is a little more relaxing, that doesn’t require obtaining a bunch of different materials? Look no further! These digital coloring books from Lake give you the therapeutic benefits of coloring – all directly at your fingertips. Plus, you are supporting artists directly while using the app, so it’s a win-win!
  6. April Coloring–Oil Painting: An oil painting coloring book?! Sign us up! For those with an affinity for oil paints, this paint-by-number app is perfect for unwinding and creating beautiful masterpieces – without the mess!
  7. Make + Send a Coronavirus Greeting Card: Wanting to send loved ones a thoughtful note that you are thinking about them, but don’t have any stationery on hand? What about sending a birthday card without running out to the store? Use this website to get your creative (and empathy) juices flowing and make special cards online!
  8. Make a Slideshow of Your Favorite Memories: Got tons of photos just sitting on your computer/camera/phone and want to make some cool, unique slideshows? Make your friends and family cry and reminisce about when they could go outside by sending them a beautiful slideshow of all your fondest memories from The Time Before COVID.


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