The Safety Net Fund is a non-profit designed to help support artists in the Bay Area during the COVID-19 crisis. As the world around us descends into bedlam, we turn towards each other to find hope, support, and community. We prioritize artists that typically make their living offline at events & retail establishments that have been cancelled or closed due to coronavirus. This includes performing artists, musicians, visual artists, event producers, and other types of creators. This fund will offer grants to artists, with no expectation of repayment, to help provide direct monetary support through this crisis. This money is offered with the intent of helping artists survive and continue to create despite the maelstrom. The maximum grant is $500 per person per month, and the number of grants per month is dependent upon the funds raised.

Amount: $500
Deadline: Not specified.
Status: Closed
Funding Types: Grant
Creative Categories: Acting, Beauty, Craft, Dance, Fashion, Film, Music, Painting, Performing Arts, Photography, Tech, Visual Art, Writing
Locations: Bay Area


1. The grantee must reside in the Bay Area. 2. The grantee must provide proof of artistic endeavor within the last 6 months 3. The grantee must not be eligible for unemployment 4. The grantee must have less than $1000 of income within the last 30 days 5. Grants will be evaluated in the order received.

Organization: Bay Area Safety Net